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Nuevo Mundo

Morgan Szymanski

Fantasia Tropical

MÚE 146

New Nimbus release


NI 6329 recorded by

 Ian Watt


July 2016

Recuerdos de la Alhambra
Nocturno - Paul Coles

EMEC - E-047

Universal Editions



Emec DiscosUniversal EditionImágenes de España - Nimbus Records NI5811Other Productions Featuring Music by Paul Coles

Compositions by Paul Coles for the classical guitar include recordings of his music by Craig Ogden, Ian Watt, Carlos Bonell, Morgan Szymanski, Roberto Limón, Agustin Maruri and Michael Kevin Jones (Cello) and are regularly broadcast on Classic FM

Imágenes de España Nimbus Records NI5811

1. Spilt Blood MUE 106

2. A Letter to The Lady Dulcinea MUE 105

3. Fantasia No.1 MUE 108

4. The Qualities of Don Quixote MUE 105

5. Fantasia No.1 (2nd extract) MUE 108

6 The Adventures of The Wind-Mills MUE 105

MUE146 Fantasia Tropical

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Ian Watt, Craig Ogden, Carlos Bonell, Agustin Maruri, Morgan Szymanski, Roberto Limón,

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